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  • Chip card: ergoline training ergometers come with an integrated chip card unit that is capable of reading and writing to ergoline training cards
  • Individual training protocols: Up to 10 different training protocols (e.g. constant load training, pulse-controlled training or interval training) can be configured for each individual and stored on an ergoline chip card
  • Training analysis: The key parameters from all training sessions of a particular patient are presented in a clearly structured data table
  • Integrated database: The opticare basic software is able to save any number of patient records with all training results. It offers a multitude of display and documentation options for patient or athlete performance assessment.
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The perfect complement for documentation of cardiovascular training sessions. Individual protocols can be saved on a chip card and then transferred to an ergoline ergometer for the training session. After the session, the ergometer saves all training data (pulse readings, load waveforms, etc.) to the chip card. From the card, the data can be uploaded to the PC for review and documentation with the opticare basic software program.

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