Ergoselect 200

Bicycle ergometer

  • Dual handlebar adjustment: The handlebar position can be precisely adjusted to the respective patient for special applications
  • Mechanical/motor-assisted seat adjustment: The ergoselect 200 saddle height can be conveniently adjusted at the control terminal, with the patient seated in the saddle during the adjustment process
  • Patient weight up to 200 kg: The motor-assisted seat height adjustment in conjunction with a tilt protection panel allows for the safe performance of exercise ECG tests
  • Load range from 6 to 1000 watts
  • SpO2 measurement module: The ergometer can be equipped with an SpO2 measurement module for precise monitoring of the patient’s oxygen saturation during exercise ECG testing
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The classic ergometer for exercise ECG tests. From a powerful ergometer for exercise ECG and performance diagnostics to stand-alone use for heart rate-controlled training the integration of different modules offers maximum user flexibility for assembling an ergometer that truly meets every need.

Convenient extra functions such as infinitely variable height adjustment of the handlebar and motor-driven adjustment of the saddle height (with patient) set this ergometer apart. This makes it easier for older patients in particular to climb onto the ergometer. In diagnostic performance tests, these features can ensure optimal ergonomic conditions for exercise stress tests.

  • Functional design
  • Innovative, future-proof technology
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Dual handlebar adjustment
  • Mechanical/motor-assisted seat adjustment
  • Patient weight up to 200 kg
  • Load range from 6 to 1000 watts
  • 10 user-programmable exercise test protocols
  • Excellent stability
  • Wide range of expansion options

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