Ergoselect 10

Reclining Ergometer

  • Load range from 6 to 450 watts:  Optionally up to 1000 watts
  • Patient weight up to 200 kg: The stable base frame and the vibration-free design guarantee the highest level of safety for morbidly obese patients.
  • Horizontal inclination up to 45°: The completely vibration-free design even allows for performing chest compressions in horizontal position directly on the couch surface.
  • Remote motor control: The examination position and seat settings can be conveniently adjusted via remote control with multi-position memory. A wireless version is available.
  • Wide range of expansion options: A few hand movements turn the Ergoselect 10 into a full-fledged comfortable examination couch
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The half-reclining ergometer Ergoselect 10 is a multi-function device that offers a high level of safety during the ergometric test, particularly for older patients. The couch surface can be adjusted from a horizontal position up to a 45° angle. The inclination angle and seat position are set via an electrical drive by remote control. With just a few movements, the Ergoselect 10 unit can be converted to a comfortable examination couch. The ergometry unit is lowered into the couch area, and the seat is simply removed.

  • Patient weight up to 200 kg
  • Horizontal inclination up to 45°
  • Remote motor control (wireless option)
  • Ergometry unit folds away easily
  • Whisper-quiet belt drive
  • Load range from 6 to 450 watts (optionally up to 1000 watts)
  • High-quality upholstery fabric
  • Choice of upholstery colours available
  • Universal interfaces
  • Wide range of expansion options

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