Ergoflow Exercise Flow Sensor

The Ergoflow flow sensor used with the Geratherm Ergostik cardiopulmonary exercise system, draws on an incredible variable orifice design, which prevents the increase in flow resistance at increased flow rates, found with most sensors.

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Patient comfort was paramount during the design process of the Ergostik with its light and robust flow sensor, the Ergoflow. Using the Ergoflow means the face mask has less weight, improving patient comfort during the test procedure. As well as being one of the lightest flow sensors available the Ergoflow has no moving parts and no electronics making it incredibly robust and less prone to damage suffered by many flow devices.
  • +/- 16 L/s flow range
  • 0 – 20 L volume range
  • 0 – 300 l/min ventilation range
  • <0.12 kPa/ L/s <15 L/s resistance
  • 20 ml effective dead space
  • +/- 3% or 20 ml/s flow accuracy
  • +/- 3% or 50ml volume accuracy

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