Bodystik – Full Body Plethysmography System

Body Plethysmography System

  • USB connectivity for simple and straightforward maintenance and support
  • Blue Cherry® software platform
  • Thoracic Gas Volume
  • Airways resistance and conductance
  • Advanced signal processing compensates for drift instantly
  • Compliant with the latest ATS/ERS guidelines including indicators
  • Online trending of all measurements
  • Optional CO-Diffusion featuring fast gas analysis
  • Complete networking solutions
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Full body Plethysmography System is widely considered the gold standard for Pulmonary function testing (PFT). The Bodystik represents Love Medicals gold standard PFT system allowing the measurement of respiratory resistance, lung volumes including residual volume as well as full spirometry and inspiratory expiratory pressure measurements. Body plethysmography assists in the differential diagnosis of obstructive and restrictive lung diseases and can be important in identifying the cause of dyspnoea.

The Bodystik full-body plethysmograph is designed with comfort in mind. Comfort of both, patients and users. Incorporating a sturdy swing-out-chair, patients with restricted mobility are able to access the box in comfort, this design also makes assisting patients with restricted mobility easier for the user. The fully height adjustable arm is adjusted electronically via a simple and intuitive control panel, on the outside of the cabin, allowing for small adjustments even when the cabin door is closed. This compact electronic arm helps to increase the useable internal space of the Bodystik again adding to patient comfort.

The five large tempered safety glass windows of the Bodystik allow the patient a good view of the user during the test and so add to patient comfort under test conditions. The large glass surfaces help to reduce non-compliance from patients who otherwise would not want to enter a body box. Patient, user Communication is via an intercom system with a microphone situated in the control panel and loudspeakers inside the Bodystik clear instructions can be given to the patient throughout the test procedure.

The powerful BLUE CHERRY® software suite is enabled with functions that support the performance and control of breathing, thus the user is able to easily monitor and support the patient during testing. Bostik optimises workflow and fits seamlessly into the daily clinical routines.

The Bodystik™ whole body plethysmograph or Body Box, with optional CO-Diffusion combines Spirometry with precise single breath diffusing capacity, rapid analysis of airways resistance and lung volumes.  The advanced design of the cabin features a revolutionary swing out seat for excellent patient access plus the fail-safe electromagnetic door locking mechanism promotes patient safety and unlike other systems on the market there is no risk of the patient getting trapped. Advanced signal processing compensates for drift instantly, minimising warm up time and automatically reducing environmental interferences by 95%, reducing the length of testing and how long the patient needs to stay in the box.

The optional CO-Diffusion module provides accurate CO-Diffusion utilising fast gas analysis. By utilising the latest generation of fast gas analysers Blue Cherry® displays all of the gas traces throughout the measurement for easy identification of leaks whilst also allowing the user to adjust the discard and sample volumes post test. The graphical display ensures that the patients dead space has been cleared and only alveolar gas has been sampled for accurate, reproducible results.

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