Amedtec Cardiopart 12 WLAN

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The AMEDTEC solution is a 12-lead resting ECG which fits into your pocket. Its compact design is equipped with a brilliant display and available on a 24/7 basis. Chargeable using the associated docking station.
Paperless, no additional mechanical parts, and easy-to-clean. AMEDTEC has designed a device that meets the requirements of modern day-to-day work in hospitals.

  • Compact and easy to disinfect, which guarantees mobility and hygiene in daily routine use.
  • Modern, precise measuring technology using Wi-Fi data transfer.
  • Incorporating integrated bar code scanner to read patient information.
  • Complete integration of patient data and orders from AMEDTEC ECGpro® data management system and thus from HIS/PACS or practice software.
  • Particularly suitable for paperless workflow including mobile order lists.
  • Automatic recording of resting and rhythm ECGs.
  • ECG interpretation using the Hanover ECG System, HES®.
  • Reliable PM detection thanks to the high sampling rate.

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