Handheld Pulse Oximeter

  • Connect via Bluetooth to Blue Cherry Diagnostic Software
  • Full integration into Blue Cherry patient file
  • Proven Technology to ensure precise and reliable testing – even under the most testing circumstances
  • Ear sensor (optional)
  • Forehead sensor (optional)


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More Diagnostic Power
Every day further demands are placed on the primary care physician and their team, with this in mind Geratherm Respiratory have expanded the functionality of the popular Blue Cherry diagnostic platform to include the ability to measure SpO2. The new Wrist-Ox device communicates directly witht he Blue Cherry suite during continuous use, making it ideal for applications from full Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing to simple 6 minute walk tests, while recording data directly back to the central software platform.

Future Proof
The Wrist-Ox utilises proven technology and has been designed to grow with today‘s requirements. Combined with Blue Cherry Diagnostic Software Wrist-Ox can easily be used as a basic sleep screening tool, or when used in conjunction with the six minute walk test the Wrist-Ox provides an excellent device for the determination of basic exercise tolerance.

Comprehensive Sensor Options
The Wrist-Ox design incorporates a mini connector Allowing the user to easily change the sensor being used. To best suit the application. Lovemedical have a wide selection of sensors available for the Wrist-Ox including finger sensors, ear-lobe sensors and forehead sensors making it suitable for both resting and exercise based applications.

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