Spirostik Complete – Portable Spirometer

The Spirostik Complete™ portable spirometer is leading the way with the next generation of equipment for the spirometry test. With the Blue Cherry® software platform, functionality usually reserved for hospital laboratories and scientific research centres is being made available to the primary care sector.

The Spirostik Complete™ portable spirometer is designed to be rugged yet lightweight, with the fully integrated touch screen and wireless network capability, the only portable spirometer using the same software as all the other systems in the respiratory diagnostics range, making data sharing, integration and expansion simple as well as cutting down learning time for staff.

With the ability to network multiple systems it is possible to database all patient results from a group of practices or simply use the Spirostik Complete™ as a standalone spirometer.

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  • Integrated Microsoft Windows Computer and high speed thermal Printer
  • Portable unit
  • Using the diagnostic software platform of Blue Cherry®
  • Full Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post and bronchial challenge test)
  • Pre calibrated, single use flow sensor with extreme low dead space improving patient safety
  • Revolutionary snap-in handle offers easy and safe flowsensor change
  • Comply with the latest guidelines from ATS and ERS
  • Automatic Interpretation
  • Automatic BTPS adjustment
  • Integrated SpO2 (optional)


No Filters: Always ensuring the system has a low resistance to flow for every spirometry test.
Improved Patient Safety: The precise GR Spiraflow flow sensor allows improved security in infection control when the patient is finished simply throw away the flow sensor.
Accuracy as standard: Spiraflow is designed and tested to meet all ATS Flow and Volume waveforms.
Lowest ever Dead Space: The incredicbly low dead space (<24 ml) of the new GR Spiraflow ensures that the Spirostik can be used to test even small children with extremly low ventilation.
Snap change flow sensor: With the revolutionary new snap change system operators never need to touch a used flow sensor again. Simply ease open the snap clip to allow the used sensor to fall out.

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